Mike Tyson, surprisingly enough, says it best, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit!”


Manufacturers almost certainly need an ERP system. ERP systems do a fantastic job of creating transactions, storing data and instantly sharing information. Companies who are smart enough to adapt them by building smart customized processes around them are able to achieve astonishing results.

The temptation for companies to throw out their current ERP system and put in a new one should be the last resort. If they are not careful they will spend large amounts of money only to end up years later with the same problems.

This book explains some of the surprising limitations of most ERP systems and what to do about it. The next chapter journeys through the evolution of ERP systems and in very simple terms explains how they work and why they are limited. It will be evident that these limitations are inherently built into most ERP systems on the market today.  Although these constraints impact most companies they can be debilitating for the make-to-order manufacturer.

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